Why You Shouldn’t Top A Tree?

There are many reasons not to top a tree, but the main one is that it looks ugly. When you top a tree, you’re removing the leaves, which the trees use to gather food. This shocks the tree, which then goes into survival mode, shooting up new growth to replace what it lost. Unfortunately, this process can make the tree more susceptible to disease and pest infestations because it prevents the natural healing process.

Another reason not to top a tree is that it destroys the balance of a tree’s crown and roots. Cutting off too many branches leaves the tree starving. Without enough foliage, it can’t produce enough food to stay strong. Moreover, without enough nutrients, trees will produce weaker shoots. The exceptions are fruit trees, but most residential trees shouldn’t be topped.

The most obvious reason to avoid topping a tree is to increase your property value. Not only will it increase your property value, but it will also decrease the amount of energy your tree uses to grow. A well-maintained tree can last up to a century or more, so don’t let anyone cut it down just to make it look better. This action will have the opposite effect. A top is a waste of time and effort for your property.

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