Are There Permits Required for Tree Removal?

Do you need a permit for tree removal? Some places require that a permit be obtained before you can remove a tree. It depends on the type of tree and its distance from the property line. For instance, if the tree is dead, you do not need a permit for removing it. But, if it is diseased or damaged, you will need a permit. If you’re considering removing a dead tree, you should contact your local public works department to find out what regulations apply.

Are There Permits Required for Tree Removal

A permit is required for tree removal even if the tree is healthy. A permit is needed if the tree is larger than 6 feet in circumference. Make sure that the tree is in a visible location so that neighbors can see it. Lastly, it is necessary for a tree removal contractor to keep a copy of the permit on site. A contractor must produce this permit upon request. The process of obtaining a permit can take weeks or even months.

If the tree is healthy, a permit is not required. Simply state that the tree is in good health and that the reason for the removal is to remove the tree. Many cities require a permit if it interferes with the look of the community. If the tree is too large, the city may not allow it to be removed. Similarly, if it’s over six feet in circumference, you will need a permit.

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