When Should I Prune My Trees?

When should I prune my trees? Winter pruning is the best time to remove dead and diseased branches. During summer, prune away any unwanted branches and the tree will grow back healthier. Fall pruning will also reduce the risk of rotting your tree. But do not prune your trees during the coldest part of winter. This can encourage the growth of fungus and insects, so avoid summer pruning. If your trees are in a bad state, you may need to get them pruned more often.

When Should I Prune My Trees
Usually, it is best to prune your trees in the early spring before new growth begins. Remove dead or diseased branches, and make sure to cut them into a pyramid shape. You can cut your hedge more if it is in a large area. But you should not prune the hedge more severely, as a broken branch could prevent the plant from growing further. If you plan to fertilize your trees, make sure that you do not harm their insects or the surrounding vegetation.

The best time to prune your trees is during winter, because the trees become dormant during the cold season. The winter season is also the most convenient time to shape your trees, as they have fewer leaves to distract you. Moreover, pruning during this time will not damage the new growth and will allow your tree to produce new growth come spring. The best time to prune your trees is the one that will give you the desired shape and beauty.

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